Did Allied Towing Tulsa OK Tow Your Car? Call (918) 551-6000

Did Allied Towing Tulsa tow your car? If allied towing towed your car and have it impounded until you pay we most likely can help! The towing charge and the cost to repair the vehicle may not be worth it. In addition to the towing charge from allied towing in Tulsa OK. You may have to pay for towing the car to a Tulsa mechanic! At that point the Tulsa mechanic will charge you for his diagnostics.CHA CHING!! Now you owe allied towing and the mechanic and your car still isn't fixed. We have a solution. We will buy your car and we will pay allied towing their fee and you will get cash in your pocket so you can buy another car. Call us about your car being towed by allied towing or story wrecker or storey towing. We will also work with other towing companies in Tulsa OK who have towed your car not just Allied Towing Tulsa.

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